Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ebook Marketing Secrets Part 1 -- Prologue

There are over two million ebooks for sale in the Kindle store, and that number is growing every day.  It's becoming harder to get noticed.  But there are ways to stand out.  To get discovered.  And this book is going to share those secrets to getting more readers.  But before you can start drawing more attention to your book, it's important to make sure your book is ready for that attention.
It's amazing how many writers stumble out of the gates.  They take their books to market too quickly in search of quick riches.  So here's a quick checklist of some rookie mistakes to avoid.
1.  Put the best book out possible.  You've put your heart and soul into crafting a great story, so make sure typos and grammatical errors don't torpedo your chance at success.  Besides, the best marketing technique for selling more books is a great story.  Word of mouth sells books, and people don't spread the word about lukewarm storytelling.    
2.  Create an eye catching cover.  Not everyone is great at photography or graphic design.  And if you aren't, then please don't try it.  That's what cheap stock image sites and ebook cover designers are for.  You can get a professional looking cover for as cheap as fifty dollars.  It is well worth the money.  Why?  Because readers judge books by their covers.  Should they?  Probably not.  But when they see a book that looks like it was designed by a fifth grader, they may just click away without giving it a second thought.  And once a reader clicks away, it's hard to ever get them back.  
3.  Your blurb can make or break you.  Before readers even get to the sample, they see your blurb.  And if your book description doesn't grab the readers attention, they'll just find a blurb that does.  You want a nice, succinct teaser to hook your reader and make them want more.
4.  Your sample is lackluster.  Amazon lets readers read a short sample of every ebook for free with their Look Inside feature.  These four or five pages are your chance at hooking a reader.  So if your writing stumbles out of the gates, so does your chance at a sale.
Before you start marketing your book, make sure it's ready for the attention.  Only then keep reading this manual.  

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