Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ebook Marketing -- Self Publising Tips And Tricks -- What Sells Best

I've spent a lot of time on this blog talking about niche marketing and categories, so I figured it was time to cover the other end of the spectrum.  Namely, what sells best in the book world.  Let's face it, some writers prefer to swim in the deep end.  So what does it take to hang with the big dogs?
At last calculation, it takes about 1000 sales a day to crack the Top 100 on the Amazon paid list.  Granted, that's 1000 sales in a 24 hour period just to be number 100 overall.  To break the Top 50 or Top 20, that number goes up to 1500-2500 copies.  And although these numbers are approximates because everyday sales fluctuate, there is one thing that never changes--romance and thrillers rule the charts. 
I know, that's hardly surprising.  But what may make you do a double take is just how dominant those two genres really are.  I did a quick tally of the Kindle Top 100 yesterday and found some overwhelming results.  Of the Top 100 ebooks on the bestseller list, the genre breakdown went like this:
Romance -- 45 books
Mystery/Thriller -- 24 books
Literary Fiction -- 13 books
Dystopian -- 6 books
Non Fiction -- 5 books
Science Fiction --4 books
Periodicals -- 3
That means nearly every other book in the Top 100 was a romance.  One out of every four books was a mystery or thriller.  And seven of every ten books was either a romance, mystery, or thriller.  That's amazing news if you write in any of those genres, but awful news if you write anything else. 
But there's even better news if you write romance.  Of those forty-five romances, there was a mix of New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Erotic Romance, and Paranormal Romance. 
Even more staggering were genres that didn't make the Top 100 at all.  No horror, no humor, and the only Fantasy books were paranormal romances. 
So what does this mean for you?  Well, if you aren't writing romance or mystery/thriller, it may mean that the odds just got longer for you.  Or maybe it just means that chances aren't you won't be a best seller.  But there's good news--you can still find your niche and make livable wage.  It's up to you though--are you up for swimming in the deep end?

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